Decembers newsletter is here

In this Newsletter we report on the terrible drought conditions threatening the Home and the knock on effects the power cuts and the economic crisis are having on life, both at the Home and for the staff both at home and work.

To counter balance all the bad news we send our congratulations to Lukcy Magombedze-who recently graduated with a degree in Mining Engineering from Midland State University and our thanks to Judith and Jim McMullen whose generous donation in Jim’s memory is funding upgrade work to the Early Childhood Development centre at the Home. Thank you.

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You can download our brochure.

It describes the origins of the Home, its on-going work and highlights the Home’s current needs and how you can help.

If you would like some printed ones for your fundraising events please contact our Chairman.

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Astonishment: Laying Ghosts in Mugabe’s Zimbabwe

Graham Jones’ book about former MRCH Home Superintendent – Astonishment Mapurisa is now available on Amazon.

The synopsis:

“An Englishman returns to Africa after nearly forty years in a bid to recapture his carefree colonial childhood. Through a chance meeting his life becomes entwined with that of a one-time child slave and cattle herd who’s on a mission to revisit his own early life on the other side of the racial divide. A moving story of nostalgia, race, reconciliation and God’s power to transform, set against the background of two brutal regimes racist Rhodesia and Mugabe’s Zimbabwe. When Graham Jones returns to Zimbabwe to recapture his idyllic Rhodesian childhood, a chance encounter leads him to meet a one-time child slave called Astonishment. Now dedicated to helping society s most vulnerable, Astonishment grew up on the other side of the racial divide and is set on revisiting his very different past. As they travel together, this remarkable Zimbabwean shares the incredible story of how he overcame grinding poverty and being sold by relatives as a slave. Both men lay old ghosts to rest as Astonishment forgives and reconciles his divided family and Graham reconnects with the land of his youth not through the places he knew, but through the people he didn’t. Set against the daily brutalities of racist Rhodesia and Mugabe’s bankrupt Zimbabwe, Astonishment is a moving account of nostalgia, race and reconciliation that celebrates the transformative power of forgiveness.”

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Christmas Cards for 2019

The Christmas cards for this year are now available. Please note we are no longer supplying new designs, just selling off the remaining packs – at less than our original 2004 price – £2.50 for 10!

Please also note, packs are no longer automatically sent out to members. So, if you would like a pack or two please contact the Chairman to place your order.

You can see the remain designs here – 11, 13 and 14 – please state clearly which designs you want.

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Septembers Newsletter is here…

As always the newsletter is full of information from the Home. This particular quote really struck me this time…

“You will be amazed how costs are rising. Yesterday morning I boarded a bus for town for $1.50, but after my exams-around 5pm-the bus fare was $5.00”.

On a more positive note the MRCH Big Sunday fundraiser raised £4,195 for the Home as well as receiving lots of goods in kind – though this is down on previous years.

Finally, a book by Graham Jones describing the life and work of Astonishment Mapurisa – a former Director of the Home is coming out in September. It will be available on Amazon ‘Astonishment:Laying Ghosts in Mugabe’s Zimbabwe’.

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Policy documents available

We are making our policy documents for child protection and anti bribery available for you to view.

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June Newsletter

The June Newsletter is here and a huge thank you to all of you supporting the Home. News this quarter reveals that the National Pharmacy of Zimbabwe-who send some medicine supplies to the Home-have not done so for months. Your funds have helped the Home buy essential medicine for the children to cover this shortfall in addition to our usual support.

There is also a very informative Q&A with Norlin Chisoro-Transitions officer about how the Home manages the transition to life outside the Home once children reach 18years.

Please consider joining us for our AGM on June 22nd at Droitwich Methodist Church.

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A bit early but…

We are no longer going to be selling Christmas cards. However we do have some stock left. There are 3 designs remaining. Each pack of 10 is £2. ALL the money from the sale of these cards go direct to the Home.

Please contact the Chairman to place an order.

Design 1 – printed on silver relective holographic foil

“Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year”

Design 2 – “Christmas Blessings”

Design 3 – “Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year”

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March newsletter

Our March newsletter reveals that the Friends contribute 33% of the Home’s regular income. Your support is vital, thank you so much for continuing to contribute in any way  you can.

A detailed report from the National Director – Rev Mutendzwa reveals disturbing news about the struggles the Home faces.

And we say good bye and our sincere thanks to Mercy-the longest serving House Mother. We wish her well with her next steps.

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December newsletter

Welcome to the last newsletter of the year.

There are two interesting reports from visitors to the Home: Mark Edmonds and Michael Mapako. Thank you for your updates.

We can also confirm that despite challenging times for Zimbabwe our support continues to be channelled through to the Home as US dollars and remains therefore of significant value to the Home.

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