March Newsletter 2016

TheĀ March newsletter is now available, in it the Home gives an insight into the impact of the drought on the Home. There is also wonderful news from the MRCH college on O-level results and the progress of the school choir.

However this quarter the Friends of MRCH issue an URGENT REQUEST for those of you donating already to please Gift Aid your donations. The remitance to the Home has had to go down by US$1000. Gift Aid and Stading Order forms are available to make this easier, please contact our Treasurer for the forms.

If you feel you can go one step further and encourage a friend to begin supporting the Home all the better, or perhaps you want to organise a fund raiser – again there are sponsorship forms available to help you.

This quarter we also say goodbye to our long-standing Secretary John Richer. John has been with this charity from its inception and has been a valuable member. While he will be handing over the Secretarial role he will remain a member of the Committee.

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