Who are we?

The ‘Friends’ were formed in 1996 to support the Matthew Rusike Children’s Home, in Harare by fundraising and raising awareness about the Home. Originally there were 25 people (or groups) in the UK, we have now expanded to 280 members and supporters.

We are a registered charity. In our first year (1996) we raised £1000, in 2011 we received over £78,675 donations which has been the best so far because in that year almost £18,000 was received from several churches and other groups who had made us their project for a year or two. We also received a bequest and a large individual donation.

2012 saw donations drop by almost half to £52,532 but this included 2 years of tax refunds with none received in 2011.

However the regular banker’s order income has increased to around £850 per month.

Our original members visited the Home or worked there as volunteers, some providing training, others working as volunteers on a variety of practical projects. ‘Friends’ now tend to have one of two levels of involvement:

  • ‘Supporters’ – those who send donations (e.g. from fundraising events or intermittent donations)
  • ‘Members’ – pay an annual fee of £10 which confers the right to vote at the AGM and any ‘Extraordinary’ meetings as well as fundraising

The main committee positions are:

Chair Carol Banham

Secretary – Michael Mapako

Treasurer – Immanuel Mudzinge

The Matthew Rusike Friends (Volunteers) by Trabby 19yrs

Written about the influence of the ‘Friends’…“We become free to each other and free from being isolated and lonely. Therefore it is of great sincerity for the children, the staff and everything that belongs to Matthew Rusike to have these friends around. The children feel cared for, loved, comforted and inspired when they have such friends who are there for them. May Gods love, care, comfort and blessing be with all the friends of Matthew Rusike…Once you become Matthew Rusike’s friends you become our family member.”

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