Obituary – Lorna Graaff

Lorna Graaff, who has been a passionate supporter of MRCH since it’s earliest days, has died aged 89. Trained as a teacher she went to Zimbabwe in 1956 as a Missionary where she met Rev Matthew Rusike and later went to his wedding. She and her husband Brandon stayed in Zimbabwe for 15 years before returning to England. In 1990 they returned to Epworth for 2 years but Brandon died suddenly. Lorna gave many fundraising talks about the Home which embodied so many of her beliefs and values: the value of education, creating opportunities and aspiration and a loving home for children. Her son David went with her on her last visit in 2002 when she was delighted to meet Astonishment and the children and practice the Shona she had learned in 1956. She put together a fund raising slide show with the photographs she had taken for the talks she gave. This can now be seen on utube.