Reverend Margaret Mawire retires

In 2012 Reverend Margaret Mawire became the National Director of Childcare and the Superintendent at MRCH.  She was brought up by her grandparents and educated at Harare High school, doing A levels through correspondence. She achieved a Diploma in Theology then a BA hons in Religious Studies at the University of Zimbabwe. In 2011 she attained her Masters degree in Applied Theology at the Queens Foundation in UK. She has been a serving minister in 3 circuits in Zimbabwe and was chaplain at MRCH during 2010.

“ I felt challenged to be heading a big organisation like MRCH where so much has been achieved already by my predecessors and so much lies ahead of us that still needs to be done. However I feel blessed knowing that MRCH has a dedicated team of well qualified staff to assist to drive the vision of MRCH forward. Our first priority is to ensure continuity. Childcare in Zimbabwe is under funded so finances and resources for programming are a problem. In my short time here, one thing I have realised is that childcare is expensive.”

“I would like to thank you all for your support during my term of office at MRCH as National Director. When I came the economic situation was as bad as it is now. You continued to help us. Staff had gone for 5 months without salaries and FoMRCH paid all the arrears, it was a great relief for me. You raised funds to buy a new minibus and it became safe to take the children out. Electricity supply was another monster but you raised money for a generator at just the right time. You had friends who raised funds to refurbish all the 8 houses. The regular monthly remittance has made planning and budgetting so much easier. Please pass my gratitude to all the Friends of MRCH and I pray for the same kind of support for the Incoming Director.”