9 months in Romania by Tapiwa G

9 Months in Romania by Tapiwa G

It gives me pleasure to be sitting at my desk jotting down something which in my opinion you deserve to know as it makes me and the Home at large proud to have managed to achieve something which God allowed to happen. Humans are born with different talents; some have natural intelligence and some with talents for serving the world in different ways. I was raised at Matthew Rusike children’s home for 12 years where I came to realise that in this world being uneducated does not mean that’s the end of your life. When I wrote my O level exams I didn’t come out well but I keep on persevering in my talent for writing poems, theatre and serving God.  Through His faithfulness I found myself doing voluntary work in Romania in 2013-2014 and learning about various areas including human trafficking and domestic violence.

Teaching theatre, poetry and using art in campaigning was one of my big responsibilities. Playing with children was not something I was used to but one of our responsibilities was to be very creative in a such a way that can bring smiles to children. Curtici and Vis de Copii (Children’s Dreams) are the two centres in Arad where hope is given to less privileged children from different backgrounds. I was very moved to teach these children considering that I was once like them. Each time I visited the centres I could see my home at Matthew Rusike .

You need passion to set your mind to volunteering. I was a Zimbabwean representing southern Africa working with one of the leading organisations in Arad. It requires focus, creativity, trust, obedience and maturity . Volunteering emerged to be a learning experience. I learned patience, the importance of  accommodating others, helping and respecting other people’s views and opinions, team work, to be a good listener and communicator, a new language- Romanian – and strategies for improving the communication in a multicultural context.  I learned to depend on myself during the course of the project and that has taught me how to manage my finances and be independent. I had the opportunity to express myself and how to use it in different contexts with children, adults or prisoners. Doing the origami course, craft making of bracelets and learning some different dance moves and blending into the European culture has made me develop a new approach to life and some new practical skills which I can use in future when working with people of my race and others.

During nine months in a foreign land, with people of different nationalities, backgrounds and beliefs was a challenge, however I have learnt to appreciate and respect other people’s cultures and beliefs, understand their values and adhere to certain rules and regulations.  Discovering something new is a passion for me and life in a multicultural context is the best way to achieve it. Cooperating with Romanian people I always tried to behave in a correct way, respecting others, their spaces, their life style. I involved myself actively in all the local initiatives for improving the social environment. I learnt how to deal with criticism about me and I improved my capacity to express my opinion in a good way to others.  Communicating and sharing information with them has made me have a clear view on the importance of giving and receiving feedback in a positive manner which is valuable in creating an effective team.