September newsletter

Our latest newsletter is now available.

There is sad news of one of the children who passed in August through diabetes complications. The funeral was shortly after and Esther was laid to rest near her mother.

The newsletter highlights concerns about the impact of hyperinflation in Zimbabwe. Staff salaries have not been paid for 5months and the Home attempt to aleviate some of the hardship with small food hampers, but things are tough for everyone. The poultry and piggery are going well and enable to Home to generate a little income to help in this.

This will be the final year our Chairman, Carol Banham, will be in post. After 20 years service she will be stepping back, though will remain as a Trustee. So we are looking for someone to take on her position. The newsletter describes the scope of the role, much of which is online these days. Please give this careful consideration.

June Newsletter

Our latest newsletter is now available.

This month we are very pleased to report that the solar panels have been fitted at both the Home and the outreach centre at Donga “this brings huge relief for both centres as we have been experiencing excessive power cuts…the solar panels give us light and refridgeration”

The Home is begining to put plans together to open a Primary school on site and discussions with the Ministry of Education are underway. The idea would be fees charged to local children would mean the school can sustain itself.

Four UK donors funded the repair of the vehicle at Donga which means the key worker there is once again able to easily deliver supplies to the rural schools, for the last two years he has been making the 15km journey on foot.

Finally, it is with sadness that we announce the death of Malcolm Payne after a long illness. Malcolm was our first FoMRCH secretary back in 1997, and he remained a firm support for the rest of his life. Thank you Malcolm.

March newsletter

This quarter our Newsletter contains another detailed report from the Home, with good news about exam results, and the children’s Christmas party. Unfortunately, fewer children than expected were able to take a break at a foster home over Christmas, but activities were laid on at the Home to help compensate.

Donations have been gratefully received and this time put to good use in Donga, where solar power will be installed to support the non-residental centre there. Much more is needed at the Centre and any donation you can make could go towards repairing the roof, pigsty and vehicle – the latter has not been been working for over 18months and restricts the outreach work significantly.

December newsletter

This Newsletter reveals both the terrible struggles for education in Zimbabwe and the wonderful generosity of local people to help – an Education Expo launched by the Home encouraged 18 new volunteers to offer additional educational opportunities at the Home.

The newsletter also covers lots of other topics from the solar panel project, the health of the children, Christmas plans and the crop plans. Do take a look.

Thank you for all your support over this last year, your donations make a massive difference to the Home and the lives of the children the Home cares for. We look forward to keeping you updated in the New Year.

September newsletter

This newsletter tells of the fabulous fundraising events which have occurred over Matthew Rusikie week – which in the end stretched to the whole of June. There are also some lovely photos of the Home’s trip to Lake Kariba in August – a long awaited treat for some of the children.

Zimbabwee is still in the middle of hyper-inflation and this seriously impacting the Home. Things are very difficult indeed. The Newsletter includes details of just how much it costs to care for a child at the Home today.

The Outreach Project at Donga reports on progress and there is much support needed there. Anything you can do to help would be very much appreciated.

Please note the Home is eligible for Government support for children with a valid court order. Of the 94 children currently at the Home, this relates to only 9, so any help you can give will be made careful use of. Thank you.

Our remaining packets of Christmas cards are now available for purchase and our e-cards available via Don’t Send Me A Card are being update this week and will be available shortly.

June Newsletter

This quarter and update from the Home, reports Zimbabwe may be facing a major food crisis this year, a combination of poor rainfall and shortages due to the war in Ukraine being particularly felt. Crops grown by the Home are affected. The cost of fuel is also affecting the Home, the generator can only be run for a few hours each day as a result. On the up side there is great news about some of the students sitting national exams and the annual event – Matthew Rusike Week – will be returning to fundraise for the first time since 2019.

There is a detailed breakdown of the costs involved in caring for children at the Home. It is amazing how quickly it adds up. Please take a look and see if you can help.

David and Wayne report back on the fundraising drive in a 91 year old Ford from London to John O’Graots, to Lands End and back to London. Quite an undertaking. There is still time to contribute to their final tally.

March Newsletter

There is lots of news from the Home this quarter: exams sat, COVID restrictions re-introduced then lifted. The piggery and rabbit rearing projects performance and photographs of the renovations of the Early Childhood Development Centre play area.

The MRCH Finance Officer confirmed some key details for us this month, which we wanted to share regarding costs for feeding and clothing 1 child, medication and uniform costs. We humbly ask you consider returning to fundraising activities where you can – we are only able to send half the month remittance compared to our pre-COVID performance.

December Newsletter

Our latest newsletter is now available, with lots of news from the Home, with information this time from the Centre at Donga too.

This quarter we would also like to bring your attention to the needs of a particular student at University. MRCH try to cover his fees, but are struggling to do so, if you feel you can contribute, please contact out Treasurer.

Please also remember we have now changed our Bank and if you haven’t already, please make sure you have updated your Standing Orders – the old bank account will finally close on December 20th. Thank you.

September Newsletter

Your newsletter this time reports on how adults and children coped with their first outbreak of covid 19 at the Home. We also introduce the new social worker Rumbidzai Mashoko.

Please note, we have changed our bank account. Information is contained in the newsletter. We are now with the Cooperative Bank. If you have set up a standing order with us please contact your bank and change the details to our new account, the old account will close on December 20th 2021. 

 Banks do not switch standing orders automatically.

It is important you make the switch because your donations continue to be vital to the support we give to the children at MRCH.

For the moment our HSBC account is still open but will be closed at the end of September.

We are also hoping to offer digital Christmas cards this year – watch this space for information.

June Newsletter

It is with great sadness that in this Newsletter we announce the death of one of our founding committee members – John Richer. John was with us at the inaugural meeting of the Friends in 1996 and he served as our Secretary for many years. He will be greatly missed.

We are pleased to be able to relay that all staff have now had their COVID vaccines. Under COVID restrictions the children are able to attend 2-3 days of school a week at present and everyone is well.

MRCH is undergoing a significant staff restructuring partially as a necessary cost cutting exercise but also to ensure compliance with government requirements for a qualified and experienced social worker – this is currently being advertised.

We also extend out congratulations to all the students who have passed O-level and A-level examinations in recent months.

Our donations have been severely effected by the pandemic as fundraising opportunities are so restricted. Please remember there are a number of ways you can make one off donations – they will be greatly appreciated. Stay Safe.