2020 (Before Lockdown)

MRCH receives a container of goods sent by the Methodist Church in Northern Ireland. There was no food and medication this time around. The donation went a long way. We even managed to distribute some things under the Community Based Care programme. Boxes containing: furniture, clothing, lawnmower, kitchen utensils, sports items, school stationary, reading books, even a motorbike

2020 (After Lockdown)

A local family of 7, including 4 month old triplets, is supported by MRCH The family of 7 receives basic food and supplies from MRCH Basic food supplies delivered to a family by MRCH Senior staff with their spouses


Administration Staff Several staff are involved in the training of volunteer care givers in the Community childcare centres These care givers are at the Mzinyati Community Childcare centre


A polytunnel was badly damaged during a storm


    Australian, Mark Edmonds, had a seedling shed built so the home can produce it’s own crop seedlings Gardener Lovemore prepares to sow seeds Lovemore proudly displays his new crop