Fundraising – David Graaff and Wayne Cooper Mauritania drive

David and Wayne will be driving an elderly Mercedes Benz the 2,700 miles from London through Morocco and the Western Sahara to the Mauritanian border in West Africa.

The plan is to get sponsorship for the journey and to sell the car in the no-man’s land on the Mauritania border. All donations will go direct to FoMRCH, and the value of the vehicle when it sells will be David’s contribution. Wayne will be sharing the driving and navigation (and tent). Thank you and good luck guys.

Fundraising for a new generator for the Home

MRCH supporters Graham and Lynda Jones are raising funds to buy a new generator.  They write:

“The electricity supply in Zimbabwe is erratic and MRCH can sometimes go for days without power.  That creates real problems.  Cooking has to be done on open fires and firewood is getting hard to find.  Projects like tomato-growing need water that has to be pumped.  Meat can’t be frozen so sometimes goes to waste.  Drugs for children with HIV/Aids can’t be kept refrigerated.  When the power is off, computers sit useless.

“When we visited MRCH last year, it was clear that a new generator would make a huge difference.  The home aims to cover fuel and maintenance, so we’re looking to raise £17,000 for the purchase and installation.  If we beat our target, the extra will help towards the running costs.”

Please help and donate online.