It is not all work at the Home. The children also have lots of time to play.

The children can be very inventive making their own toys with what ever they can find. Footballs or dodge balls made from plastic bags rolled up tightly and tied with string. Plastic bags also make good kites and dressing up clothes. The children make articulated vehicles from pieces of wire and tin lids for wheels. Little girls play “shops” with tins and stones and anything else they can find and “pretend”.

They also love to play football, to sing – the study group now has it’s own choir which visits churches and schools. They love to dance or play marimba –the rhythms are lively and with many repeats, pieces can last for ten minutes or more.

In addition, local people bring in their tools and expertise to teach children sewing, stone carving, painting, tie and dye and other crafts.