Chairman’s report for 2011

The Chairman’s report covering 2011 is now available. An excellent year with good progress made with the Early Childhood Development Centre.

The clinic has been expanded and it now has five rooms. The facility will be government inspected later this year and the nurse in charge hopes this will lead to an increase in the amount of free drugs made available to them.

MRCH report from the Home for 2011

The Home’s report for 2011 is now available:

  • A number of case studies describe the significant steps forward being made in the Community Outreach programme.
  • The poultry project is up and running with 1000 birds. It not only supplies the Home but is also being run as a fundraising project serving the community.
  • Effective self help projects are emerging in different communities where MRCH outreach projects are running. Currently MRCH are concentrating their efforts in consolidating programming in four main regions in the country, namely Mashonaland, Masvingo, Midlands and Matebeleland.

“The success stories in 2011 could have not been made without the contribution of our partners. They played a pivotal role to make the lives of children more comfortable.” Astonishment Mapurisa

Meet the MRCH staff

Carol Banham, our Chairman, visited the Home in September 2011 and conducted detailed interviews with many of the staff members. She has produced an illustrated report of those conversations, which illustrate the many roles the staff undertake as well as highlighting issues concerning the staff and where they feel help is most needed.


8 House Mothers

Mercy, Lillian, Faith, Fungai, Mildred, Alice, Nancy and Sylvia. These  warm hearted ladies lovingly care for the children in the house units. Each of them has a family of their own, mostly grown up now, who they leave with other family members for 30 days at a time while they’re at MRCH then they have 10 days break to go home. All of them have very obvious pride in their homes at MRCH.

Mildred cares for 6 babies, all under three. Amelia is the youngest at 3 months old. I said it must be a lot of work looking after so many small children and she said “it’s not hard when you love little ones”

The other mothers each care for 11 –12 children ranging from 2 to 16. Once they reach 16 they move to live in the independence units where they look after themselves with help and support available from the house mothers when needed.