Lands End to John O’Groats in a 91 yr old Ford!

Our two intrepid adventurers, David Graaff and Wayne Cooper, who have already done two very long road trips  raising money for MRCH, set off last week on a new adventure. This time they are going from Lands End to John O’Groats, 2000 miles, in a beautiful 91 year old Ford. On their previous trips they raised several thousands of pounds for the children in Zimbabwe, can they do it again? You can read a bit more and donate here, it’s easy to do.

A note from David:

“We are driving a 1931 Ford Model A Cabriolet. It is an English car, built in Dagenham, but it has spent most of its life in Guernsey. It has been well maintained and partly restored by previous owners, so we have high hopes it will survive the trip.

Introduced to the public in December 1927, the 1928 Model A was an immediate sensation. Some 10 million people viewed the new vehicle in the first week.”

Image uploaded with update
Image uploaded with update