Christmas Cards 2023

This year, we are again offering digital Christmas cards along side our real cards.

Our digital cards are available through an organisation which, for a donation from you, allows you to choose one of several designs to send to up to 100 friends (via email).

This is an increasingly popular way to support your favourite charity.

The process is very simple:

1. Go to our card website.

2. Here you will see one example of our cards, click on this first card to see all the other choices.

3. Click on the card of your choice.

4. Say who the card is from and add your message.

5. Choose how much to donate (and whether to add a tip for Don’t Send Me A Card).

6. You are then sent to PayPal’s website to complete your purchase.

7. You are asked for the email addresses you want to send the card to, insert these.

8. Click send.

It’s very straightforward and a great way to stay in touch with people while also helping out the charity of your choice.

Thank you, and have a lovely Christmas.

September newsletter

Our latest newsletter is now available.

There is sad news of one of the children who passed in August through diabetes complications. The funeral was shortly after and Esther was laid to rest near her mother.

The newsletter highlights concerns about the impact of hyperinflation in Zimbabwe. Staff salaries have not been paid for 5months and the Home attempt to aleviate some of the hardship with small food hampers, but things are tough for everyone. The poultry and piggery are going well and enable to Home to generate a little income to help in this.

This will be the final year our Chairman, Carol Banham, will be in post. After 20 years service she will be stepping back, though will remain as a Trustee. So we are looking for someone to take on her position. The newsletter describes the scope of the role, much of which is online these days. Please give this careful consideration.