June Newsletter

Our latest newsletter is now available.

This month we are very pleased to report that the solar panels have been fitted at both the Home and the outreach centre at Donga “this brings huge relief for both centres as we have been experiencing excessive power cuts…the solar panels give us light and refridgeration”

The Home is begining to put plans together to open a Primary school on site and discussions with the Ministry of Education are underway. The idea would be fees charged to local children would mean the school can sustain itself.

Four UK donors funded the repair of the vehicle at Donga which means the key worker there is once again able to easily deliver supplies to the rural schools, for the last two years he has been making the 15km journey on foot.

Finally, it is with sadness that we announce the death of Malcolm Payne after a long illness. Malcolm was our first FoMRCH secretary back in 1997, and he remained a firm support for the rest of his life. Thank you Malcolm.