Christmas Cards 2016

Each year we sell Christmas cards chosen especially for FoMRCH. Over the years we have raised thousands of pounds, all of which has been sent directly to the Home.

A pack of 10 cards costs £2.99. Each year the flyer shows which designs are available.

NOTE: Packs of Christmas cards will no longer be sent out automatically so please order early to avoid disappointment particularly if you want packs of single designs. Mixed packs are also available on request. Either way, please contact our Chairman to place or alter your order.

A big thank you to everyone who helps by buying and/or distributing cards.

You can see how our funds are used here.

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June Newsletter 2016 – 20 YEARS!

It’s 20 years!

The Friends have been supporting the Home for a long time now and our efforts are very much appreciated and still very much needed. Thank you to everyone undertaking fundraising events in this our anniversary year. Please let us know more about what you are up to and send us photos we can post here to inspire others to yet more fundraising.

“We thank God for the journey you have travelled with MRCH over 20 years. Your intervention made a big change in the day to day running of the Home…We are delighted that all four young people mentioned in our last newsletter are now being sponsored for 2 year A level courses held at MRCH college. Thanks to generous people who came forward quickly, their studies could begin without delay.” Rev. Margaret Mawire

This charity is so important in the day to day running of the Home and everything you contribute makes a huge difference. We want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who help the Friends carry on this important work.

In this newsletter we also welcome Gail Richer our new Secretary and Leigh East our Database manager-who also looks after the website. We would also like to reiterate our need for a new Treasurer. Please take a look at the newsletter where you can find a breakdown of what is involved. David will be happy to talk you through it in more detail. Please contact David or the Chairman direct.

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March Newsletter 2016

The March newsletter is now available, in it the Home gives an insight into the impact of the drought on the Home. There is also wonderful news from the MRCH college on O-level results and the progress of the school choir.

However this quarter the Friends of MRCH issue an URGENT REQUEST for those of you donating already to please Gift Aid your donations. The remitance to the Home has had to go down by US$1000. Gift Aid and Stading Order forms are available to make this easier, please contact our Treasurer for the forms.

If you feel you can go one step further and encourage a friend to begin supporting the Home all the better, or perhaps you want to organise a fund raiser – again there are sponsorship forms available to help you.

This quarter we also say goodbye to our long-standing Secretary John Richer. John has been with this charity from its inception and has been a valuable member. While he will be handing over the Secretarial role he will remain a member of the Committee.

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Words from our out-going Secretary

“After 10 years, and having passed my 80th birthday, I have decided to make way as Secretary for a younger person.  It has been a pleasure and privilege to do this job not least because of the excellent work done by the Chair and Treasurer which has made it so much easier.

My Wife and I were founder members of the Friends group in 1996 following a visit to MRCH in 1995 because we wanted to help the good childcare being provided at the Home, by providing Christmas presents for the children.

Over the past 20 years the operating conditions in Zimbabwe have changed enormously with food, power and water shortages plus unrest and currency problems. At the same time the external world has changed with the growth of communications so that a wider knowledge of what makes up our lives is now available to all.  However throughout all these hardships and changes, the Matthew Rusike Children’s Home has provided good childcare and also significantly expanded its influence throughout Zimbabwe.

This tremendous success has been made possible by the energy and vision of the staff at the Home and by the donations sent by concerned outsiders, particularly ten years ago by you the Friends when we provided 80% of its funding. Now, when the Methodist church in Zimbabwe is providing strong support for childcare, we still give half of the external donations to the Home, about 25% of the total.  The need for support is still very great as national conditions do not improve and Zimbabwe has had to appeal for international help, our efforts are still vital.

The Friends Executive committee is very experienced but we are always open to new faces and new ideas for continuing planning for sustained giving. I hope my replacement will enjoy the satisfaction I have had in working with the Friends and seeing the children of Zimbabwe thrive.”

John Richer

Thank you John for all your wonderful work over the years. We are so pleased that you will continue to be part of the committee.

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December Newsletter 2015

The December newsletter is now available and shows photos of the facelift the Clinic has undergone this year. Also check out the progress of the Transitions Office and its recent success reuniting a Home child with his parents after 16 years.

We urgently need a Secretary for the Friends. Can you give your time to help the excellent work of the Friends in continuing to support MRCH?

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September Newsletter 2015

The September Newsletter is now available. In this newsletter there are comprehensive details of how donations from the Friends are spent by the Home.

NEW PHOTOS – there are lots of new photos from in and around the Home. Take a look using the dropdown options from the Photos link in the main navigation bar.

In addition we will be saying goodbye to our Secretary at the end of the year. John Richer has been an active part of the committee since its inception and he will be greatly missed. This does of course mean the Friends will now be looking for a new secretary. If you are interested please contact the Chairman.

FYI – the role of secretary involves:
1 preparing and distributing agendas and minutes for 4 annual meetings.
2 Maintaining the contact list of members and suporters.
3 Supporting the chair and treasurer in all matters linked to MRCH.
4 Be one of the charity’s trustees.

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2015 Christmas cards now available

The 2015 Christmas cards are now available. The Flyer contains all the information you need regarding those designs from previous years that are still available to order. Please note members-you will continue to receive 5 packs of mixed designs unless you alter your order.

If you have never had cards from us before you will need to send me your order using the style numbers on each card or asking for mixed packs.

Selling cards has raised a significant profit each year which goes directly to the MRCH Organisation, so your support is greatly appreciated. A huge thank you to all of you who buy cards every year.

Please contact the Chairman with your order as soon as possible, particularly if you want something different from the standard order.

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June Newsletter 2015

The June newsletter is now available. We are pleased to hear that following our newsletter request for sponsorship for two Home students, Friends have come forward with sponsorship and the students will now have two further years of full time education. Check out the bumper cucumber crop-the result of the irrigation system at the Home which has saved them from most of the disaterous effects of the drought Zimbabwe is experiencing. A report on the month of fundraising for MRCH month is also included. Finally congratulations to our Treasurer on completing his marathon challenge and raising £722 for the Home.

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MRCH treasurer to run marathon

Our Treasurer David Graaff is going to be running a half marathon for charity this weekend!

David says “As you will understand, this is a considerable personal challenge as until Christmas I had never run further than the bus!”

David is fundraising for Friends of Matthew Rusike Children’s Home and would like to point you to his Virgin Money Giving page if you would like to sponsor him.

Don’t forget to tick the box to reclaim Gift Aid on your donation if you’re a UK tax payer. Virgin Money Giving will pass this on in full to charity, making your donation go even further.

Good Luck David.

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March 2015 Newsletter

The march newsletter is now available. Take a look at the wonderful news of the students sitting exams some of them against the odds. Congratulations to all students sitting O-level exams for the first time in the new examination centre.

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